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YPCC provides a free and confidential counselling service for women and their partners in Yeovil and the surrounding area, who experience a crisis related to pregnancy, abortion or baby loss. We aim to provide our clients with accurate information, time and support, so that they can look at their feelings and their circumstances and make informed and well thought out decisions, rather than decisions based on panic, misunderstanding or pressure. We seek to provide ongoing emotional and practical support for those who want to keep their babies; to support those choosing abortion by providing post-abortion counselling and to help clients consider adoption as a possible extra option.

Our team of counsellors are on hand to answer your phone calls and e-mails. We will get back to you as quickly as we can and will be happy to arrange to meet with you.

The counselling services provided are:

  • Pregnancy Crisis
  • Post Abortion
  • Miscarriage and baby loss
  • Father and partner support

We are often able to support new parents by providing help with baby clothes and equipment.

Phone 07896 630 296 and talk to someone who can help.

We are not a referral agency to termination clinics